Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy 4th Month Sayang

You are a special daughter who means so much to me.

The day you were born, there wasn't a lovelier sight to see.

I am glad God gave you to me.

Your love and devotion has been my reason,

to get through many tough times, and through many seasons.

As you have grown up, your beauty shines through,

with a wonderful smile that shows the real you.

You have a heart that is made of gold and I know it will stay that way, as you grow old.

You make me proud that you are who you are.

The bond that we have will keep us close,

and no matter where you are, you won't seem far.

The closeness we have will never depart,

cause there is so much love that connects you to my heart.

I am glad my daughter,

that you are mine,

because having you in my life makes my sun shine.

Copyright by Judith Pleasant 2003

Mama & Abah XOXO Kamu Banyak Dak Yembam!


sharEna said...

Nia tomeyyy!!
geramnye tgk pipi dia tue..
anT nak cubit sket boley??
=p hihih

Fahreen Fredo said...

alalalalala comeynye nia! geram oke!

*nia sebijik muke abah dia kan?

Jehan Najib said...

Ha'ah la kawan2... Jgn kata korg. Mak dia yg ngadap hari2 ni pon rasa nk gigit2 pipi dia...

Dear, mmg minah ni follow abah dia abis abisan.. no kompromi. hahaah!

NURUL said...

hi jehan. thanks ye jehan sbb sudi dtg blog nurul. salam kenal. comelnya anak kamu jehan.